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Mukuvisi Woodlands is CLOSED as from Tuesday 5 January 2021 due to Covid19.

NEWS FLASH! We have invested in a Coffee Machine!

When we re-open (watch this page to be advised) you can come and enjoy your favourite Cappuccino or Espresso at the Mukuvisi Woodlands Coffee Shop.

We use delicious, flavoursome, export quality Leopard Forest Coffee beans, direct from the Bvumba!


Welcome to Mukuvisi Woodlands Nature Reserve website!

We are currently CLOSED from 5 January 2021

till further notice due to Covid19.

Mukuvisi Woodlands - 1980 to 2021

Last year, we proudly celebrated our 40th year of providing the public with

A Touch of the Wild in the Heart of the City...

and meaningfully contributing to
the Environmental Education of Zimbabweans of all ages.


We are normally open EVERY DAY of the YEAR from 8 am to 5 pm.

When we re-open this will be announced here and on our Facebook page.



When we re-open - Come and browse in the Woodlands Shop!





Mukuvisi-Woodlands-Shop7 Mukuvisi-Woodlands-Shop6 Mukuvisi-paradise-flycatcher3-home-page
Mukuvisi-paradise-flycatcher4-home-page Mukuvisi-paradise-flycatcher6-home-page

Above and Left:

These lovely photos of a nesting paradise flycatcher were recently taken in the Woodlands by Pierre Neethling.

These pictures are copyright to Pierre Neethling.



Mukuvisi Woodlands Nature Reserve Fees: Stated below in USD
25% discount offered for USD cash payments. RTGS Rate = rate of the week
Entry and Activity Fees Woodlands Walk - Run - Bike on our Trails
Pensioners 65 years and above: Entry is FREE, $2 for events. BUT NOTE: Although senior citizens can enjoy this privilege - if you DO CHOOSE to pay, you support our efforts to protect this amazing facility for all to appreciate! We offer the popular option of the Unguided Scenic Woodlands Walk, Run or MTB Cycle Ride on our Marked Trail Routes of around 3, 5, 8 and 10 km: Available Every Day of the Week.
NOTE: Indemnity MUST be signed before you start.
Adult $4 Adult $4
Child 5 to 12 years $3 Child 5 to 12 years $3
Child 0 to 4 years FREE Dog – MUST be on a LEAD throughout! $1.30
Church and Charity Groups Discounts: Fees for Functions and Events
10 Adults (20% discount) $32 Boma Hire – private parties (< 50 people)
All attendees also pay normal entry fees

10 Children (20% discount) $20 Church Groups and Charities (< 50 people):
All attendees also pay normal entry fees

Activity and Safari Fees. Must be booked in advance. Times for Horse Safaris 8 am, 9 am and 3 pm.
Please arrive 15 minutes early and report to Reception.
Photographer attendance, special functions $26
Fees for Educational visits - TBA
Horse safari – adult $13 Pre, Primary and Senior School Teachers and Lecturers TBA
Horse safari - child to 12 yrs $8 College and Senior School Student TBA
Child riding with adult $2.60 Pre and Primary School Pupil TBA
Pony ride $1.30 Photographers TBA
Walking safari with guide $13 Pony rides - for children under 8 years old TBA
Guided bird walk $13 Pony rides for group of 10 children under 8 TBA
To enjoy GREAT discounts for frequent visitors to Mukuvisi:

Become a MEMBER of the Woodlands!

See Membership Page or enquire at Reception.

Email for ALL enquiries about anything to do with the Woodlands, including Membership:

We have a Swipe Machine and Ecocash: Ecocash Merchant Code: 111610.

Enquiries and safari bookings: 0774 198 009. Landlines 0242 - 747123 / 747111 / 747083

The Mukuvisi Woodlands are one of Zimbabwe's national treasures. They provide one of the few remaining large green spaces open to the public in Harare. Over 18 000 school children visit each year.

Deforestation and loss of habitat is rampant country-wide. Zimbabwe's amazing wildlife is more or less restricted to National Parks and other conservancies, and for some people, the Mukuvisi Woodlands provide the only opportunity they have to see our wild animals, and appreciate our country's natural, stunningly beautiful, miombo woodlands.

First proposed as a protected green-belt area in 1910, those championing the idea of these Woodlands fought an uphill battle against suburban development in the area right through to 1979, when the Mukuvisi Woodlands Association was created, and in 1980, an official lease agreement, running until 2090, was signed between this Association and Harare Municipality.

Objectives of the Mukuvisi Woodlands Association were first defined as:

  • To conserve and utilise the Mukuvisi Woodlands;
  • To provide and develop facilities for education in the principles and practice of nature conservation, environmental studies and research;
  • To encourage the public to appreciate the natural environment.
zebra mukuvisi

Mukuvisi Woodlands has succeeded very well in all of these, and continues to succeed, particularly in the area of Conservation Education. Our flagship Eco-Schools Programme is helping to create a new generation of environmentally aware, dedicated children, who understand today's burning conservation challenges and issues.

Eco Schools activities

We offer regular Bush Camps for children, and hold many other educational events. We have a full time Education Officer, plus several university students on attachment doing research and teaching on an on-going basis.


Left: The Eco Schools Challenge is one of many events organised each year for participating schools. Children take part in enjoyable quizzes, games and activities, engaging with their natural environment in the Woodlands and learning experientially while having fun.

zebras mukuvisi butterflies mukuvisi
riverside walk in the Mukuvisi woodlandsIt's time for a lovely walk or cycle, exploring our trails....and enjoying ... Mukuvisi-woodlands-trail
A Touch of the Wild in the Heart of the City

impala mukuvisi

Mukuvisi mountain bikes for hire Mukuvisi Wildebeest and zebra

Mountain Bikes available for hire for US$6 (or rate of day) - enquire at Reception.

eland 2 Mukuvis Mukuvisi Woodlands Impala Zebra Mum and Babe Mukuvisi

Photos on this site are COPYRIGHT and taken in Mukuvisi Woodlands by Rosie Mitchell of Wild Imaginings who designs and maintains this website:

eland Mukuvisi Mukuvisi young giraffe