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Our recently re-thatched Gazebo has now been fitted with extra lighting, a drop down screen and extra power points, plus WiFi!

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Past Events

Marching for the Elephants - with the Zambezi Elephant Fund

On Saturday 16 November 2019, first, came the festive and very social Mukuvisi March for Elephants in Harare, the second such event, which is planned to become annual, where over 410 runners, walkers, children and their dogs took to the 3, 5, or 8 km routes through the popular Mukuvisi Woodland Trails, where everything was looking wonderful green and vibrant, following some very uplifting speeches about some of the amazing conservation efforts happening in Zimbabwe, including by Richard Tennant of Flying For Wildlife - who then headed to the Zambezi Valley to continue vital aerial surveillance work.

It was heartening to hear of the incredible fundraising efforts going on and the dedication of so many who are volunteering their time and skills to conserve our precious wildlife.
With the temperaturesoon over 30°C, many had set off very early to avoid the heat, and all participants were welcomed through the Finish Line by the wonderful smell of bacon and egg rolls and coffee!

Thanks go to all the vendors who donated a portion of their takings at this very enjoyable event, to the Zambezi Elephant Fund, and to all those who made the event possible again this year and all the volunteers who gave up their time!

Thanks also to Rooney's, Safeguard, Faramatsi Motors, ACE Ambulance and African Threads for their support of the event for a second year running.

Meantime, some other smaller groups of enthusiastic conservationists and National Parks staff, also ran and walked 10km in Mana Pools and Hwange National Parks, where it was even hotter!

Mukuvisi March for Elephants

March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019

March for Elephants 2019 1

March for Elephants 2019 2

As those taking part in Harare and elsewhere in Zimbabwe settled down for a scorching afternoon, participants in New York donned their running shoes and descended on Central Park, where a brisk -1°C greeted the over 500 runners and walkers who all 'Stood up for Elephants' with Forrest Galante, before setting off to the Start Line of their 10km route.

Later, some of the participants congregated at Central Park Zoo to listen to a great Zimbabwean-style music band, award the highest fundraiser with her prize, and announce the prize draw for a lucky over-$500 fundraiser. Congratulations to them and huge thanks to all those who registered and fundraised in support of Zambezi Elephant Fund’s efforts.

March for Elepants at Mukuvisi 2019

March for Elephants 2019 3

Mukuvisi March for Elephants 2019

All Mukuvisi March for Elephant images are courtesy of Chris Sheppard, with many thanks.

March for the Elephants Mukuvisi Woodlands 2019 March for the Elephants Mukuvisi Woodlands 2019 March for the Elephants Mukuvisi Woodlands 2019
March for the Elephants Mukuvisi Woodlands 2019 March for the Elephants Mukuvisi Woodlands 2019 March for the Elephants Mukuvisi Woodlands 2019
March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019
March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019
March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019
March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for the elephants Mukuvisi 2019
#DBF8FD #DBF8FD March for the Elephants Mukuvisi 2019 March for Elephants Mukuvisi 2019

World Environment Day Eco Schools Event Mukuvisi June 2017

Mukuvisi Woodlands hosted an excellent World Environment Day celebratory event as part of the Eco Schools Programme on 9 June 2017. It was extremely well attended by several hundred school children and scores of teachers and dignitaries. The children performed songs, dances and poems around the environmental theme and there were many interesting stands for everyone to visit where they learn more about energy saving projects and various environmental issues. Competitions were held and prizes awarded at the end of the event which ran from 9 am to 1.30 pm.

Click here for more World Environment Day 2017 Photos

World Wetlands Day Celebrations at Mukuvisi Woodlands 10 Feb 2017

Over 700 school children, teachers, college and university students, lecturers, government and government agency officials and VIPs, Mukuvisi Woodlands Councillors and staff, and many other interested parties, gathered at Mukuvisi Woodlands on 10 February to celebrate World Wetlands Day and raise awareness of the critical, urgent need to conserve these from any further damage in our city.  It was a very festive and successful occasion! The children went on tours in the Woodlands to see the wetlands contained within it – at this time extremely waterlogged and well demonstrating their description. 

Many of the attending children also recited poems, read essays, sang songs and performed plays, about the importance of conserving our precious wetlands, which provide so many useful services to us, free of charge. Their recitations and performances were both delightful and passionate, as well as very informative, demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of the many reasons why wetland conservation is so vitally important. The best performances were awarded prizes. Read rest of article...



The 2016 Eco Schools Challenge Competitions and Awards Ceremony 21 October

Starting at 9 am and ending at 3pm, several hundred school children, students, teachers, VIPs and others descended on Mukuvisi Woodlands on 21 October for the annual Eco Schools Challenge and Awards event, with the theme for this year “My Environment, My Future, My Responsibility”. The theme covers all our natural resources and areas being implemented by Eco Schools member clubs, who seek to improve people’s lives, whilst also ensuring national environmental sustainability, and caring for the Earth. Read More

Action packed day at the Woodlands on 26 June 2016

Much fun was had by all at Mukuvisi Woodlands on Sunday 26 June 2016. The regular Woodlands Sunday Walk/Run/Cycle took place and saw a great turnout. In addition however, 159 runners turned out to participate in the first HAC Big Sky Mukuvisi Cross Country Run, with 75 running the approximately 8km distance and 84, the 13km. The SPCA also hosted their monthly Fun Dog Show at the Woodlands, so it was an action packed day! See More...

Massive turn out for Mukuvisi Eco Schools 2016 World Environment Day Celebration

Follow this link to see photos

Mukuvisi Woodlands Eco Schools Programme commemorated World Environment Day which falls on 5 June annually, on Friday 10 June. The Eco Schools Programme holds such events on Fridays, by mutual consensus amongst member school and colleges.  This is the most practical day on which to bring several hundred children, teenagers and young adult students to spend the morning at the Mukuvisi Woodlands (or sometimes other venue) to celebrate the several special globally marked commemorative days which highlight issues of importance and concern in the areas of wildlife, conservation and environment generally. Friday's event was superb in every way.

Attendance was huge, with 800 children and 200 adults turning out! The theme was 'Join the Race to Make the Future World we Want' and the event was generously supported by UNICEP and the UNDP, with additional assistance from the EU, Econet, Bird Life Zimbabwe, the Nyarado Group, World Vision and Total Zimbabwe, and was organised in collaboration with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate.  There were lots of really interesting stands to visit, and many children recited poems and essays, performed plays and sang songs, around the environmental theme, to entertain and educate the crowd.  For more click here...