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Mukuvisi Woodlands is OPEN from 8 am to 5pm EVERY DAY: Keep watching this page for upcoming events at the Woodlands

More Up-coming Saturday Talks at Mukivisi

27 July - Jim Levenderis

Jim Levenderis returns to give another informative talk on the impact of human-animal conflict on land utilisation and management.

31 August - Birds@30

Munya from Bird @30 returns to talk about the beginnings and growth of this sanctuary.


28 September - Imire

Riley Travers from Imire speaks about the management of Imire animal sanctuary and wanders further afield to mention their trout endeavour in the Honde Valley.

October - some of the history of Greendale and Mukuvisi
November - Orchids in Mukuvisi

October: Robin Taylor talks on the history of Greendale suburb, why it is where it is, and how Mukuvisi fitted into this. November: Werner Fibeck will talk about his enthusiasm for the many and varied ground orchids he has found in the Mukuvisi Woodlands.

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An inspirational Birdlife Talk on 24 November 2023
Mukuvisi Woodlands hosted an informative and inspirational presentation by Julia Pierini of Birdlife Zimbabwe on 24 November. She spoke about how birds are an indicator of the health of a nation, describing how urbanisation and the sprawl of development pushes normally resident birds farther and farther afield - away from their natural habitat - and habitat is forever changed and destroyed.

Agriculture affects bird populations through chemical crop preservation, and the drive for a greater yield, if no consideration is given to the natural food chain, will ultimately affect the preservation of species or even lead to their possible extinction. Climate change is affecting bird populations and annual migrations and no one is paying attention to the bird barometer of ultimately life on the planet. Bird Life Zimbabwe runs a university attachment programme.

Their current group of successful and passionate young people want desperately to help make a change - to their lives and to the lives of the nation. The BirdLife report back on research being done on breeding pairs of Black Stork at Sebakwe Poort and Secretary Birds on the grasslands of Driefontein was inspirational.

Run-Walk for the Elephants 2023


On 11 November 2023, Mukuvisi once again proudly hosted the annual Run-Walk for Elephants which is an event taking place across the globe in many venues, to raise money for the Zambezi Elephant Fund.

This year, Triathlon Zimbabwe was also involved. Entry fees went towards ZimTri tours while donations were collected for the Zambezi Elephant Fund.

Enjoy just a few pictures of this fun, vibrant event, which was thoroughly enjoyed by participants of all ages, who immersed themselves in the beauty of our Woodlands.

run-walk-for-elephants-2023-3 run-walk-for-elephants-2023-7 run-walk-for-elephants-2023-2
run-walk-for-elephants-2023-1 run-walk-for-elephants-2023-6 run-walk-for-elephants-2023-4.
Sign up online to use iNaturalist (click flyer below) then come to Mukuvisi to observe Nature and take some interesting pictures to upload


Hold your event at Mukuvisi!
Mukuvisi-Woodlands-gazebo-hire-for-events Our Gazebo is fitted with great lighting, a drop down screen and extra power points, plus WiFi.

Available for any Conference, Workshop, Lecture, Movie or Slide Show, or Party!

Prices are very reasonable. Usual charge is US$80 or equivalent at current rate for hire plus normal individual entry fees. However - depending on your requirements, package deals can be negotiated.

Contact us on 0774 198 009 to book for your function.
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